09/02/2018 | 8am | Loughborough Uni

Fall in love with budgeting and forecasting all over again

With so many challenges, budgeting and forecasting is often a frustrating and painful experience for many finance professionals, who have to also endure added pressure to improve costs, resources and performance through accuracy, efficient and better controls.
Spreadsheets are often the go to tool, with 90% of businesses using excel.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Jedox simplifies planning, reporting and analysis by removing the challenges of inconsistent results, siloed information and error prone, time consuming, complicated processes.

We will show you how forecasting and budgeting can be accurate, time efficient and a whole lot more enjoyable! Register here.

Be more
Current processes are often inaccurate and don’t often show the true picture. We’ll show you what can be done to make it a lot more accurate.
Find it
Current processes tend to be long winded and frustrating, we will show you how it can be made a lot more rewarding.
It can be
Current processes can be very time consuming, we’ll show you ways in which they can be made much more efficient.