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Companies with more than 250 employees are required by law to calculate and publish the pay gap between men and women. Those who miss the deadline could face legal action and a fine.  

FACT - In 2018 the Equalities and Human Rights Commission started enforcement action against approx. 1,500 businesses that were late in reporting their gender pay gap information.

GPGR Deadline

30th March

Public Sector

4th April

Private Sector & Charities 

What Do I Need To Do?

Step 1: Gather Data

To begin the process, the first step is gathering the relevant data.

Step 2: Apply Rules

There are a number of rules that need to be applied to the raw data you gather.

Step 3: Generate Results

 Now you have the relevant data you can apply the calculations.

Step 4: Validate Data

Validate data for compliance. Ask yourself, do the numbers add up and make sense? 

Step 5: Analysis

 Compare your results and figures against key benchmarks e.g. last years' data.

Step 6: Action Plan

Using the results of your analysis generate an action plan to address any pay gap issues.

Step 7: External Report

All of your findings and results must then be collated into a clear report.

Step 8: Publish Report

The report must be published onto your website, so that it is easily accesible.

Step 9: GOV.UK

Your report and calculations must also be submitted to GOV.UK


If you are the person responsible for producing the Gender Pay Gap Report for your business then it is likely that you already have a day job that takes up most of your time. Many people that we have spoken to have said that they:

  • Struggle to get access to the raw data
  • Find the regulations and calculations difficult to interpret and apply to their business
  • Are not sure if the figures they have calculated are correct/accurate
  • Have challenges understanding what the final figures are trying to tell them
  • Waste a lot of effort trying to format the information so that it is meaningful
  • Run out of time to create a meaningful action plan from the results
  • Get stressed trying to generate a positive narrative/story to accompany the results
  • Worry about the impact of publishing the results both on the staff and the business

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We understand that gender pay gap reporting can be a daunting task, especially as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission can take legal action and issue fines to businesses that file incorrectly or miss the deadline.  

Here at BIAS we love EVERYTHING to do with data. We offer a complete Gender Pay Gap solution to not only make you compliant but turn your results into actions. We can help to ease the pressure by making the process of gathering, calculating and presenting the data easier and more efficient.

Tailored solutions

You can select how much or how little help you need from our range of services. This could include gathering the data, completing the calculations, analysing the results, action planning and narrative creation.

Data Expertise

We understand which of your employees are classed as 'relevant' and can help you effectively gather and collate the right information even if it is stored in more than one place.

Running the numbers

Once we have the data we can help you calculate and validate your results to ensure you are compliant and in a format that you can submit to meet the regulations.

Interpretation (where the magic happens)

The key to making the numbers meaningful is adding the 'so what'. We can help you understand the impact of the results and how you can turn that into an action plan, internal messaging and external-facing report/narrative.

Future success

Having an action plan is the start of the journey. We can help you to track the impact of both the action plan and day-to-day business decisions to help you monitor Gender Pay on a continuous basis.

GPGR Template

Gathering the right data can be challenging. Our GPGR Template comes with instructions on the data required and a handy format to help you capture the information. Fill in your details below to receive your FREE GPGR data template to help you with capture your gender pay gap information:

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Gender Pay Gap Solutions


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  • Data capture template
  • Data check and validation
  • Calculations of figures required to meet regulations
  • High level narrative to explain findings and flag key issues
  • Year-on-year comparison

Enhanced Board Reporting (Finance)

  • Basic package plus one or more of the following...
  • Assistance in gathering data including across multiple sources and specialising in group data collation for larger Group companies
  • Comparisons against industry sector and key competitors
  • Deep dive analysis with focus on impact of Gender Pay on business growth and profitability
  • Action plan based on supporting the financial targets of the business
  • Implementation of tracking and reporting to provide on-going measurement of Gender Pay and associated actions

Enhanced Resource Planning (HR)

  • Basic package plus one or more of the following...
  • Assistance to boost basic data with age, job level, deparment and length of service particularly across multiple data sources
  • Generation of enhanced HR insights around impact of recruitment, succession planning, absence management, talent development, diversity
  • Action plan based on identifying and addressing causes of any gender pay difference
  • Communication plan to keep existing employees engaged and to attract new talent
  • Ethnicity insights

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