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We love data and solving people problems. Our consultants specialise in working with people that don’t consider themselves to be data experts. 

Define the problem

Everything starts with the problem. Initially we will help you define the details of the problem and quantify what success would look like. If there are multiple problems then we will help you prioritise which one to start with. 

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Raw data and connections

We work with you to identify what information you currently have and what additional information, if any, may be required to solve the problem. In many cases this data is stored in different places and formats. Our consultants will establish a plan to match and consolidate the data to create a centralised live data store.

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Clear visual solutions and insights

Once the source information is available, we then work with you to translate the data into business-focused insights that can be shared across the organisation. This can also include developing guidance on action plans that people need to take as the live information changes. 

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Best-of-breed tools

Based on the requirements if you don’t already have a preferred BI application then our team will assess which is the best software tool(s) to meet your requirements and assist with implementing the solution.

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Nurture and support

Once in place we can help you monitor the success and train your team how to modify and refine the solution if required.

On-going partnership

We believe in developing lasting relationships with our clients to support them as their businesses grow and change. 

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Data literacy

Whether we like it or not the volume of data that we are exposed to in our everyday lives and our workplaces is growing. Data literacy is a term that encompasses our ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data. 

BIAS is passionate about helping more people develop this confidence from school students through to senior business executives and everyone in between.

To find out where you are starting from take this short quiz.

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According to a recent survey by Qlik only 24% of business decision makers would say that they are confident in their data literacy.

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