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jedox 7.1 official launch

Earlier this year Jedox announced its newly launched next generation integrated planning software ‘Jedox 7.1’.

Jedox 7.1 is designed to simplify and speed-up integrated planning tasks for both application designers and business users. The new software has new features for data modelling, planning and analytics for Excel, Web and Mobile. It also introduced 3rd party integration, as well as secure cloud deployment.

For businesses to optimise business processes and improve data quality, they must integrate financial planning with operational plans meaning reporting is crucial.

Gartner, research and advisory firm have predicted that “by 2020, at least 25% of organisations will achieve more collaborative, continuous and consistent financial planning and performance management by closely linking key operational and financial planning processes.”

Highlights of Jedox 7.1


#1 – out of the box planning models: users have access to preconfigured planning models or integrated financial planning including cash flow, balance sheet, projected balance sheet, P&L, cost centre

#2 – more powerful enterprise planning: the redesigned planning assistance allows for more intuitive top-down/bottom-up planning and enhanced data modelling experience for application designers

#3 – simplified analytics and data visualisation: simplified ad-hoc analytics, easier collaboration, and new chart types in excel add in, web and Jedox mobile app

#4 – new user experience on mobile: improved experience on mobile for users with more intuitive slice and dice, quick access to performance data, and seamless report synchronisation anywhere, anytime

#5 – new data sources and faster data preparation: added data extraction to the Jedox connector for Qlik Sense Enterprise for planning in Jedox, new office 365 integration, and new features for self-service data preparation in the Jedox Integrator

#6 – more control in the cloud – users have more control in the re-engineered cloud console which features a new performance analytics dashboard and easy back-up and restore giving users more control over their data.

According to Dr. Christian Fuchs, Head of Research BI & Data Management and Senior Analyst at BARC: “Jedox is one of the very few vendors who provide an application marketplace for predefined planning models. The Jedox Marketplace contains eight configurable applications for integrated planning built by the vendor itself as well as various solutions from Jedox’s global partners. These preconfigured planning models can help customers to speed-up projects, especially in the early stages.”

“Jedox 7.1 is truly raising the bar for speed and ease in enterprise planning,” said Dr. Rolf Gegenmantel, Chief Marketing & Product Officer at Jedox. “We are focused on delivering a seamless planning experience for users in all business functions on one platform. Jedox 7.1 will bring integrated planning to the next level in any size business from enterprise to mid-market. The new Marketplace offers users direct access to a wealth of best practice content that helps organizations design solutions that link strategic and operational planning for more accuracy in business planning and deploy them rapidly.”