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Flexible Solutions for HR Challenges

Affordable People Analytics Packages that can be tailored for you

If you’re not sure where to start on your analytics journey, we’ve a number of packages to help get you up and running.

  • Bronze
  • $ 100 Monthly
  • Key foundation metrics for HR best practice. All your main HR data connected giving you up to date reporting in user-friendly dashboards. Includes:

    • Headcount
    • Hires
    • Diversity
    • Employee Turnover
    • Employee Progression
    • HR Finance Summary
  • Silver
  • $ 100 Monthly
  • Automate tracking the impact of attendance on productivity and improve guidance and insights for managers. Includes all Bronze features plus

    • Time & Attendance
    • Absence
    • Agency Staff Analysis
  • Gold
  • $ 100 Monthly
  • All your employee engagement and performance data connected to ensure that your organisation’s greatest asset is motivated to achieve the best results. Includes all Bronze and Silver features plus:

    • Engagement 
    • Performance
    • Learning & Development
    • Succession planning
  • Platinum
  • $ 100 Monthly
  • HR, Talent and Business data seamlessly connected so you can answer any business question quickly and with confidence. Includes all Bronze, Silver and Gold features plus:

    • Gender Pay Gap
    • Budget and Forecast Planning


For specific business issues that you want to resolve, tailor your solution with just the features you need.

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