What is GDPR Compliance?

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Deadline For Compliance
May 25th 2018
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Up to €20m
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What is GDPR?

Are you compliant?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) increases the privacy requirements for companies dealing with EU citizens personal data. GDPR will dramatically change how businesses manages, protects and administer data. Ultimately changing how businesses do business.

Aim of GDPR


The aim is to ensure that companies adopt a culture of privacy, with systems designed to ensure security of personal data is compliant and maintained.

Companies must limit the time they retain data, and minimise the content collected.

Data should be able to be exported in a format which enables individuals to forward to other service providers.

Consent must be collected to use data for specific purposes, as opposed to a blanket written agreement and upon request by individuals, companies must also erase personal data. Compliance with the existing Data Protection Act will ensure a level of compliance has already been achieved.

Key questions to address:

What is sensitive data?

Where is the data located, stored?

How long do we hold the data?

Who has access?

How is it mapped?

When is data transferred?

How is data managed?


Ability for companies to identify data records from EU citizens

Locating customer data across disparate systems

Defining the purpose of storing the data

Identifying / ensuring a single owner of data management and compliance

Ensuring compliance is monitored and potential breaches identified, with awareness raised

We are data evangelists

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We specialise in delivering an organisations data governance and compliance. We identify all sources of data, and ensure a single version of the truth, cleansing data where necessary. Business ownership is assured, safe in the knowledge that the organisation have achieved GDPR compliance.

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