Digital Transformation Curve

Where are you on the...

Digital Transformation Curve?

All around the world, businesses are taking their first steps into digital transformation or either they are already fully immersed in it.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is very much here and now, and the future prospects of your business really could hinge on getting digital transformation absolutely right.

It’s not just about choosing the right technology and personnel, it’s about developing the right business culture and collaborating with other businesses, and ultimately staying ahead of the game.

Digital transformation is very much a phrase of the moment, but what does it actually mean? One succinct and accurate way to describe it would be to say digital transformation is when companies use technology to radically change the performance or reach of an enterprise.

Obtaining accurate data, as well as recruiting and expanding data science teams, are crucial components of a digital transformation strategy, and predicted revenue from the sales of big data are expected to rocket in the next couple of years.

Are you struggling to implement a Digital Transformation strategy?

A recent survey of businesses...

threw up some fascinating stats...

A recent survey of businesses and organisations across the globe threw up some fascinating stats, and from those results below, it is easier for us to ask: Where are you on the digital transformation curve?

Almost half of the companies surveyed have already completed a digital transformation project

Customers are the biggest driver for digital transformation, cited by well over half of companies

In three quarters of businesses, digital projects are often not linked to the over-arching digital strategy

 A failed digital transformation project costs more than £500,000

Five out of six business leaders say Artificial Intelligence will revolutionise the skills their organisation needs

More than two thirds of businesses are lacking in digital skills

Five in six would change their business model to take advantage of a new technology

Two thirds of businesses see co-creation as the way to digital transformation

 Almost half of Chinese respondents see fear of failure as hindering transformation

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