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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

noun: digital transformation; plural noun: digital transformations

  1. Digital refers to the use of technology that generates, stores and processes data, which can be both exciting and uniquely daunting to leaders in every sector.
  2. Transformation refers to a fundamental change to an organisation’s day-to-day business from the types of products and services it produces to how it delivers them.




Data Evangelists 95%
Strategic Partnerships 98%
Predictive Insights 90%
Saving Cats From Trees 25%
Problem Solving 96%
Coffee Making 35%


Our Ethics

Our team are dedicated to delivering value and ROI and supporting future developments. We work in a collaborative and agile framework with our customers with pro-active inputs to deliver the final solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients on their Data Journey by implementing analytical platforms and solutions to our customers to enable Data-Driven strategies driving incremental business value from their existing data resources and technology assets.

Our Expertise

We use our strong business, technical and domain knowledge to provide a wide range of solutions from departmental and process specific analytics through to fully integrated vertical intelligence and analytic platforms.

Our Services

  • Data Strategy Planning and Advice;
  • DaaS – Data as a Service;
  • Implementation of Industry Focused Intelligence Platforms;
  • Consultancy Services;
  • Project Delivery, Training and Support;
  • Implementation of Data Science Programs;
  • Data Transformation Projects; and
  • Business Process Improvement Enablement

Our Solutions

  • Industry Intelligence Applications;
  • Digital Intelligence Solutions (IoT);
  • External Data Integrations;
  • Data Science, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning;
  • Customer Journey Analytics with Video Analytics;
  • Benchmarking Programmes; and
  • Balanced Scorecards

Our Technologies

  • QlikView;
  • Qlik Sense;
  • Qlik Analytics Platform;
  • Qlik Data Market;
  • Geo Analytics (Qlik Geo Analytics, GeoQlik, QlikMaps);
  • Data Science Tools (including Rapid Miner);
  • Artificial Intelligence (Narrative Sciences);
  • Forecasting Planning Tools – Board, Jedox; and
  • Platform partners


18/Apr.2018. David Hiorns

Attending Qlik Qonnections 2018 – Worldwide User Conference

Director of Business Intelligence and Strategy, Peter Dean, will be attending Qonnections 2018 in Orlando which is hosted by our technology partner Qlik. Qonnections...

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06/Apr.2018. David Hiorns

Steps towards implementing a Digital Transformation strategy

There are 3 steps towards a business successfully implementing a digital transformation strategy. Step 1 develop objectives. Step 2 take initiatives. Step 3 maximise...

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28/Mar.2018. David Hiorns

Gartner recognises Qlik as an industry leader in Analytics and BI platforms

We’re thrilled to announce that our partner technology, Qlik, has been recognised as an industry leader in Analytics and BI by Gartner in their...

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