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BIAS is extremely excited to become a recent addition to the Tangent Works UK partner ecosystem to deliver Instant Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to customers and enhance its digital transformation technology platforms.

The partnership is a strong fit with the BIAS vision of simplifying advanced analytics for the benefit of its clients in a time when operating models are being completely reset.

The Tangent Information Modeller (TIM) is an automatic predictive model building engine that automates the forecasting and anomaly detection process by analysing time series data and generating accurate models based on the patterns it detects.

TIM brings the power of instant machine learning and real-time instant machine learning outcomes to the market at a time when historic and robust training data has been decimated by COVID-19. The integration with the leading market platforms will be a powerful augmentation of time-series forecasting and anomaly detection insights for our customers and prospects.

Power of InstantML

As a predictive modeling game changer for forecasting and anomaly detection, InstantML supports business users with its focus on value creation and ease of use. With TIM, predictive analytics initiatives go beyond experimenting, to production in a fast, accurate, automate, flexible and explainable way.

InstantML creates a paradigm shift beyond AutoML, since all steps – including feature engineering, model building and tuning, back testing and model selection – are reduced to one single step.

Business value

Why build your predictive analytics business? Analysts agree that data science and predictive analytics are currently one of the hottest markets allowing businesses to make data driven decisions. According to McKinsey, those that are fast to adopt AI and ML in their organizations will outperform their peers by 122% over the next 10 years.

60 second explainer Instant ML Overview

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