11 BI trends for 2018 eBook (Qlik)

What sets apart successful companies who have found a way of connecting data people, and ideas, is how they are taking advantage of the increased fragmentation of data computing and usage.

Leveraging data as a strategic asset for better informed business decisions is growing in popularity and is therefore increasing the need for data literacy (the ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data) across an organisation.

Adjusting to this new reality can be challenging, however, this eBook identifies the 11 emerging trends that will start to make this possible for organisations in 2018, helping them to transform their business.

qlik 11 bi trends for 2018 snapshot
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eBook Contents

De-silofication – what is it?

Data literacy

Hybrid multi-cloud

Edgy data

Big data

Interoperability and APIs

Blockchain hype

Conversational analytics

 Highly contextualised reporting

Immersive analytics

Augmented intelligence

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