Due to the role of data changing, organisations are relying more and more on data science teams for data prep, machine learning, and model deployment.

RapidMiner allows data science teams to be much more productive with one unified data science platform, which accelerates the building of complete analytical workflows in a single environment.

All of this goes towards dramatically improving efficiency and shortening the time to value for data science projects. Learn more about RapidMiner by watching this short video:


Support the complete platform with one unified platform, user interface and system.

Improved productivity through quick-to-learn and easy-to-use drag and drop approach.

Projects of all sizes can be easily managed through running workflows in-memory or in-hadoop.

All types of data e.g. structured, unstructured and big data can be easily access through more than 60 connectors.

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RapidMiner believe in real data science, fast and simple. Experienced data science teams have the ability to me more productive then ever, by using RapidMiner’s open source platform for all their data science needs.

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